The daylight killing of civilians at encounter sites is gaining momentum each passing day.

Shabnam Farooq: Jammu and Kashmir is an internationally recognized dispute sharing concerns of three Asian giants China , Pakistan and India. This territorial dispute is most reflected in Indian occupied Kashmir. The instrument of accession and the events followed thereafter eroded the initial agreement of Plebcite. Although UNSC resolved the dispute in accordance with UN supervised Plebiscite but the non seriousness of Indian establishment in Delhi has subverted whole story to another extreme end. The initial war in 1947 paved way to separation of POK from Indian control and the capturing of Aksai Chin reduced the territory under Indian hands to mere 45% of required area. What lies at the core of matter is the Breach of trust and promise at the hands of indian establishment. P M Nehru offered Plebiscite internally in Lal Choke and externally on UNSC platform which is yet to materialise. The armed struggle waged later in 90’s is the manifestation of this arrogance by subsequent central governments to not accord due respect to UNSC’s back to back resolutions. This struggle intensified in 90’s decade and took thousands of innocent civilians. And the spree of killings is gaining movementum with growing indigenous support for militants in numbers. The Reginal divide of North and South kashmir is more extreme in this dimension. South kashmir is harbouring a magnetic resonance for militancy driven conflict resolution.
The Religious flavour added through fierce speeches and mobilisation of social media has inseminated amplified rapport in the masses. The recent incidences of kidnapping or abduction on either side is but a continuation of widespread outreach and presence of militants in south kashmir. The Indian security forces as per reports and allegations of relatives have took job of vandalisation of militants home’s into hands. As per recent clips the houses were set to ablaze and turned into ashes during night raids and cordons. The events unfolded after Burhan wani’s killing in 2016 has amplified the armed struggle. It led to change in its composition as well as style of functioning. This episode was a watershed phenomenon in the history of kashmir post 90’s. On the other hand the resolution through barrel of Gun started in the form of “Operation All Out“. This operation has contrary claims on either side but the critical analysis manifests failure of security forces. The numbers swelled through indigenous recruitment and the Hoi polio seems supportive. The whole chain of events in its present dynamics has reverted back period of ” Unknown killing infamous known” of 90’s. The daylight killing of some persons in the streets is gaining momentum each passing day. This narrative has alienated earning hand of various families and has left them in lurch. But who’s this unknown? Can unknown operate under shadow of lakhs of security forces?
The abduction phase left unknown killing legacy behind. The Scholars , Activists , Youth etc are emerging soft target of hidden shelling. The killing, arson and maiming of civilians is going on uninterruptedly. There seems complete absence of law and order in the streets. The security forces are busy in their task of trapping and vandalisation. The rebel group on the other hand seems busy in counter Strategies. However this whole episode is turning bleak due to killing of civilians by some unknown persons. Is kashmir emerging new Syria ? Is Civil War the fate of Paradise valley? These questions are hotbed issue in the discussion chambers today. However the different notions can be interpreted from these unfortunate killings. It’s known that killings occur through gun shoots therefore any involvement of civilian or unarmed hand is absolutely false. Therefore either the fighters on either side are involved or some third party is engaged in genocide of Kashmiris. On the one hand security forces condemn and allege involvement of armed militants while on the other hand Militants issue immediate statements about their correlation with such horrific incidences. The killing of civilians therefore puzzles every conscious being. It’s horrible that face to face murders occur in the broad daylight on the streets. These events unexpectedly don’t occur behind the corridors but in the heart city of Srinagar where the inauguration of RR HQs is in the offing. The clarification coming from militants side leaves whole burden on security forces through repetition of Ikhwan strategy. While on the other side they share video clips of every abducted informer or civilian to prove their non involvement. The question therefore is who to believe whom to blame! But the thing that no reliable action on the security forces side to investigate and arrest the culprits speaks volumes. The security forces need to act out of urgency to prove their legitimacy through initiative of time bound and effective inquiry.
The events unfolding with abduction and killing of civilians is traversing the civil war track for kashmir. The main cause behind such claim is the involvement of civilians as soft target. Whenever the abduction on either side happens the guilt and antagonistic feeling refreshes in the general public. And when the killing of any person with Unknown tag happens the intense rage uncovers its head. The incidence where Hurriyat Activist was killed who was a scholar of top institute reminds such rhetoric. One of the relatives can be heard as saying ” this war has alienated our beloved from our life. This horrific killing is the repertoire of well known agencies”. These two ongoing events involves Kashmiris on either side. The local police or the employee of security forces in the locality and those who have left their homes for resolution through armed struggle. Whenever any such episode occurs the suspicion on other side of ring occurs which puts whole ring under stress. This cycle of events processes and reverts back to same mode of allegations and counter allegations without any concrete steps to stop the killings. The repetition of this cycle seems unending and the uninterrupted continuation leads to fragmentation of society into antagonistic groups which most often stops at the initiation of civil war. The alienation of youth on one hand and the onslaught of civilians on other brings normal life to halt. The dependency of children and females is rising in the society which leads to social tension and friction. The podium has been well established to make the society culprit of every unknown incidents happening in kashmir.
The Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq are livable examples for the causes and consequences of Civil War. The country where it sets foot is left in denial state with destruction of life and property all around. The one killing other and inturn being killed by another with “Unknown tag” is just a manifestation of Civil war like situation. The mammoth security force establishment and the swelling militants statistics is already raising temperature of civilians. The recent report of UNHCR is an eye opener for NEW DELHI to look into the issue and take concrete steps for early resolution. As quoted by Chanakaya (Ancient Great Political Expert) the war which involves feelings of people leads always to destruction”. This saying is a proof of current strategy which has curtailed space for unarmed civilians. Whether encounters or CASO’s civilians are target. Now the unknown killer has taken place of Braid chopper. After all the community feels unsafe in their native land which is blessed with moniker of Humanity and Brotherhood. The innovative but repeated style of civil harassment has to end as immediately as possible lest we should fail to save kashmir from emergence of New Syria. The psychological impact of all these frustrating events leads to change of mind in youth thus further deterioration in law and order. The common voice in Kashmir today is that ” We like other nations want a prospective career upgrade for our generation with stability and peace all around us”. But the community is short of ways and means which could bring normalcy and stability for them. The onus lies on the mainstream establishment in Delhi to save this nascent generation from hawk awaiting nod for unknown killer tag. Otherwise whole valley may plunge into unending civil war and thereby dragging stability of whole country with itself. We certainly believe New Delhi shall have big NO for this thing to happen.

Writer Shabnum Farooq hails from pampore and is pursuing her law degree at Kashmir law college and can be reached at