Covid-19, commonly known as the novel Coronavirus is believed to have originated from a wet market in Wuhan, China,and has spread all over the world, resulting in a large number of hospitalisations and deaths.More than a third of the world’s population has been put under lockdown with restricted movements to contain the widespread of the virus in beginning.People have been strictly advised to maintain social distance,wear a mask,and sanitize their hands frequently.

As the world is facing Coronavirus pandemic,there is steep rise in degree of fear,worry and concern in the population at large and among certain group in particular,such as older adults,care providers and people with underlying conditions.
Covid19 has led to internal and external war for the humanity.At one side people are being addressed by external forces and government to maintain social distance, isolation and other hygiene conditions.On the other hand some sections of society especially older adults, children and sick people are fighting internally with the fear of uncertain situation rising due to Coronavirus pandemic.
This fear is giving rise to feels of loneliness, stress, anxiety and depression is on the rise.
Mental Health is equally important as physical health.New measures and impacts are introduced-especially quarantine and it’s effects on many people’s usual activities routines and livelihoods-levels of stress, anxiety, depression drug use and self-harm are also expected to rise.It’s no wonder that anxiety and depression is on the rise.
In the times of an epidemic, people tend to experience fear of getting infected with the virus/disease resulting in anxiety,stress,and depression etc.It’s surmised that people facing a pandemic with no vaccination result in fear of the unknown making them anxious,etc.
Students all over the world,are also experience distress because of the uncertainty of examinations in their schools and colleges,and with regards to availability of jobs etc.Inspite the teachers trying their level best to teach students online,the impact of such teaching is not optimum.The primary reason being,that all students are unable to afford online platforms and they became distressed etc.
It’s time to invite researchers, scholars academicians, scientists and Doctors around the globe to contribute their scholarly literature findings, review studies of paper,case studies and research articles about Mental health and surging issues like depression,anger,stress during Covid-19 pandemic.
To contribute actively in this especial issue to pave a path for a better global society with much more hope and strong Mental health.
Name:Aashiq Hussain Yatoo
(Medical Student)