Bhat Mariya: In India we use the phrase “Hathi k dant dikhanai k aur khane kai aur” but here the whole phrase has taken a different shape and becomes more like “Insaan ka khana, dikhne mai aur khanai mai aur” making humans hypocritical (which we are). But the English translation to it, all that gilliters is not gold remains the same and defines very well who here is to be projected as hypocrate.

Humans are so predictable that every person is showing sympathy and pitty towards the “Mumma Elephant “. Social media is on boil due to the incident and nine out of ten social media acounts are filled with the Mama elephant story which is obvious as far as reaction of people is concerned cause animals are at a verge of extinction from this world like that of goodness and peace.

Though we couldn’t save the mama elephant and now are crying all over the internet, we still have got a chance to save another mother. Like the mama elephant, we have another woman to be mamma soon and we can save her.

Safoora, a Jamia Milia student is pregnant in Tihar Jail under the charges of anti-terror law and is worried about her baby amid the rise of the pandemic. Her crime, she raised her voice against the new law of CAA and raising voice is the basic right according to the constitution of the country whose government arrested her for it.

On what basis? Just because she wanted her secular India back where Hindu, Muslim , Sikh, Jew and every religion was same, same not only in the national anthem but in our applied lives.

My professor once said to me, “whosoever you are and no matter how strong person you are, in front of pregnant woman prisoner you loose all your strength”. At least for the humanity if left in us, we can raise our voice for the to-be mother who is in jail for 2 months now and let her not eat the pineapple which most of us don’t know may have crackers inside to explode the whole country.