MEHVISH AFZAL: WHO estimates that more than 300 million people worldwide suffer from depression, a mental illness which is engulfing people throughout the globe. The effect of depression mostly among the people of the age group 18-25 adds more to this rising issue as this group is considered to be the most fragile one. Many reasons have been listed for this uncontrollable illness and a number of medications have been proposed but the illness keeps shooting up.

Some people may have faced tragic incidents in their life and thus have an idea of depression but multiple times the person suffering from it doesn’t even realize what he is going through and neglects it while sensing their life to be festive.

Many times due to the generation gap or difference in the mentalities interacting with family becomes horrific to many and thus they end up using other ways to avoid boredom and to pass their time. Interacting with people, sharing problems and laughing along has been an all time therapy for us humans but due to such reasons all what people do is lock themselves up in their rooms, get busy with their phones and social media while losing the interaction with real people, especially their family.

What people today don’t contemplate is that loneliness and isolation is the main cause of depression. Deprived from the real joy of life, depression starts to spring in people from little unnoticeable things leading to bigger changes. Anxiety, breathlessness, somnolence/insomnia, numbness are some changes that start in a body but neglecting the changes continue.

Recently we were traumatized by the suicide of a young budding talent Sushant Singh Rajput who was also facing depression from past 6 months and also taking antidepressants but then what throve him to take such big step was lack of interaction and counseling.

Perplexed mind and low esteemed life can make one more chronic case of depression letting him to withdraw himself from every activity which once he used to do. All generations need to understand that depression is not an easy going thing and if left untreated can produce a suicidal tendency in humans.

To avoid or reduce the effect of depression in an individual, people around him should understand their responsibilities. One should be supported by his family or loved ones because interacting with people, going out with them works to fight the negative thoughts inside them. As long as one is bound by loved ones he will never feel alone nor will any depressive or suicidal thought prevail in your mind.

Role of parents matters to all extent when depression of their child is considered. Finding any kind of odd behavior in children should worry parents instead of letting it go. If it’s not easy for a parent to know his child for he isn’t talking, they should keep consoling him and keep trying to talk to him. Parents can be the best physicists since they only can show one the true value of life, spring hope in their child and teach him to stay willful and strong.

Diagnosis and consultation of doctors becomes another big lapse when people don’t consider it important or are scared with the thought of revealing things to the doctor. “How am I supposed to say to a doctor that I am finding it hard to live a life or I am undergoing a stigma that is hard for me to describe in words” thoughts become a barrel. But if one overcomes it, medical treatment will be bliss.

To effectively diagnose and treat depression, the doctor must hear about specific symptoms of depression. The doctor should take a series of specific questions for early screening of depression while considering minute details of the patient’s life like the personal history, family history etc for early recovery. Proper and regular medications need to be prescribed (if necessary) and counseling should be done timely. to cope with the depression on the individual level like routine sleep, exercise, meditation, changed habits and much more.

In the current scenario, lockdown has become a catalyst to the growing depression rate. While people are away from home and family others can’t go out and are stuck in their home. Both the situations are marking heights to the problem as people are all the time alone and having nothing to do causes the brain to over think which can build a stigma of depression. People are engaging themselves in different works inside the four corners but it is not proving to be enough for the majority of the population.

Self esteem is also a big prompt one can build inside to cope with depression. However, sometimes the predisposing factors that come from our society demean our morals because they are the ones who induce their lives on the cultures and beliefs overpowering the science of reasoning.

They usually demoralize the values of a depressive person to the utmost level by treating them as neurotic, psychotic, insane etc and it becomes the need of hour to hold awareness campaigns so the people should not take the mental health lightly and try to stop being judgmental about something they are not aware of .This is the time where every helping hand can root out this depression/sadness from the community for a happier tomorrow.