Iqra Shakeel: The past few months have been difficult for all, because of the raging COVID19 pandemic, however India has become a focal point of Islamophobia in the world. The incessant oppression, detesting, hatred and tyranny against the Muslim community is rising gradually. Accusing Muslims for the escalation of the pandemic is what we are witnessing since the pandemic began and Muslims faced immense criticism after the authorities in India related the spread of the deadly coronavirus with the members of Tablighi Jamaat event which led to the abhorrence against the Muslims in the county, Muslims were not allowed to even enter the hospitals, buy medicines in some states of the country, Some TV news channels called out Corona Virus as CoronaJihad and CoronaTerrorism which later on became the trending hashtags on Twitter.

While the world is battling with the deadly virus, India is engaged in blaming the Muslims for the spread of the virus rather than attempting to seek a solution. From one of the worst communal riots in Delhi, in which more than 70 people were killed and hundreds of people injured, Citizenship Act to the COVID19 pandemic Muslims are facing the most brutal despotism, discrimination and violence in every corner of the country be it Kashmir or Kanyakumari. Muslims are being harassed, humiliated, tormented, killed, blamed for eating beef and what not. Recently, a video clip of a doctor making anti muslim statements has gone viral on social media. It is really upsetting to see that the most educated people of the society are making such statements. It is sorrowful to see that the abomination for the Muslims is increasing rapidly. Islamophobia in India has reached its peak. Doctors have refused to treat Muslim patients, there is nothing more saddening than this. Islamophobia is muddling the mental peace of the people and worsening the situation. Humanity has already died here. For how many more years will this inequity pull through?

People should not relate or compare the corona virus disease with any religion or any culture, and they should not openly target any community or religion.

Since Indias lockdown many Muslim Journalists have been charged under the anti terrorism law, strive to obstruct the freedom of speech and expression.

When will this persecution subside?