Capone director Josh Trank is says working with an actor as talented as Tom Hardy on the biographical drama was a great experience.

The film, featuring Hardy in the lead, deals with the latter end of the life of gangster Al Capone.

In an interview with, the filmmaker said he was amazed by Hardy’s ability to switch between playing Capone and being himself.

‘It’s an interesting thing I think because of Tom’s acting style on screen, you’d assume that he’s a method actor. But he’s the opposite in every way. He’s not a method actor – he can very much just turn it on and turn it off in a way that is pretty surreal and remarkable to see him do.

‘He has this control over every cell in his body. Every muscle in his body, he can contort and change, and he can morph himself physically into something else. And then he can just go back to himself right away, Trank said.

The 36-year-old director said collaborating with a performer like Hardy, 42, inspired him to give his best.

It’s cool and inspiring, because you can realise that you’re in collaboration with somebody who is effortlessly talented enough to go right to where you want them to go without the repercussions of him going there.