I am a Mix of him and I
Of good and bad
I am the difference between life and death.
I am what’s left
When you bury a revolutionary
I am the idea
I am an eulogy that was prepared for heroes
Ones hat remained unsung
I am the autopsy of soldiers who die in war
I am libraries that are built afterwards
I am the encryption of evidence at historical ruined places I am the monuments of love
I am the sudden epiphanies of a poet’s ink
The assortment of monologue in dramatic plays
A scenic study of an artist’s vision
And I am the playwright
I am the violence and I am the reason
I am the unidentified space theories
I am the conspiracies
I am the slogan of the parades
I am wall paintings coloured in Red
I am voices of those who rebel
I am the resistance
A collection of paradoxes
And the vicissitudes of season
Who am I you ask?
I am him and he is the one who wasn’t forgiven. Cause
My love was my only apology
And I have no idea how to love small
So the only thing I didn’t stop was the fall.
Now he is the one who lit the fire
The one who is religious
The one who inflicts tragedy upon others
The one who is an atheist
I am both of our beliefs
And I am one too
Cause am the goddess
Of hell.
He is a mortal full of sins
While I am a breathing mythology
And the fire can’t really kill me.
So he Burns and burns and burns
Until the justice is served
And the court’s adjourned!