Iqra Shakeel: While the world is muddled with the coronavirus pandemic, a dreadful act in Kerala left people intensely dejected. The vicious murder of an expecting wild elephant in Kerala where a local villager gave the elephant a pineapple filled with strong fire crackers, has made me believe that in this inhuman world humanity has passed away a long time ago. We may look like humans, the most advanced creature on this planet, but we lack the major thing that makes us human is humanity. Every specie on this planet is significant, all lives matter, be it flora or fauna. This planet is not only for humans but for animals, plants, saplings, birds and insects as well. Their lives are as important as ours, they are as precious as we are.

They are called untamed animals because apparently they do not talk to us, dont have opinions and sentiments but the question is do we have sentiments, emotions and feelings? No, feels like these features have already died in humans, thats why humans give birth to sheer inhuman activities now. This is really an ignominy for the entire mankind. We ourselves destroy the mother nature, we are our own enemies. We are maybe an intelligent specie but haplessly our rapacity can demolish this planet. Mortification on those who themselves give shed to the crime, and this time crime is not only against the animals but against humanity as well. Also, this time the complete fault lies in us, this cruel act has grabbed the attention of people all over the world.

The precipitous brutal act has exasperated many people worldwide. Some people have used social media platforms to show the indignation over the odious act and requested strict action against the wrongdoer. Social media is now fluttered with such posts. Some people even made the posters and sketches for the Justice. Many famous personalities including Amitabh Bachan, Ratan Tata, Virat Kohli, Akshay Kumar, Warina Hussain, Anushka Sharma have taken it to the twitter, expressed sorrow and demanded justice for the pregnant elephant and her child.

Kerala is on the top of the literary rate chart of India with 93% literacy rate . Isnt it unfortunate to see that the people of the most literate state in the country are doing the most illiterate acts? We are advancing towards the twentieth mass extinction, faster than ever. May better sense prevail. May these sufferings subside.