Faraz Ashraf/Baramulla: While Covid-19 positive cases in district Baramulla are on surge, Patients admitted in COVID-19 ‘Wellness’ center established at Indoor Sports Stadium Baramulla allege unruly conduct by the authorities. As Attendants assert unhygienic conditions, Lack of protective gear’s, no separate toilets and hand washing facilities with poor management of patient care by the doctors and paramedics has put their lives into vulnerability.

“Attendants are being allowed to enter and leave the wards without proper protective gear and proper sanitization. No guidelines are being issued for the attendants by authorities, everyone is taking situation as for granted. Their is apogee of contracting the Virus for attendant while attending a Covid positive patient.” said Sheikh Shehzad.

Arrangements last year were far better and things were handled vastly in a better way but comparatively this time measure undertaken are very poor. The distressing condition of Covid-19 center was brought into notice of DDC Chairperson Safeena Beigh who earlier made surprise visit to the center to check ground reality.

“See our condition, are we animals? Today we are infected tomorrow would be your turn. Cattle’s are being treated in far better way. Since the visit of DM Baramulla there has been no sanitation work has been done,” yelled an elderly woman Covid patient in the center.

Situation turned disagreeable when a doctor who has been appointed as Nodal Officer at Covid-19 wellness center Indoor Stadium Baramulla allegedly snatched phone of a senior video journalist of DDK and Aaj Tak Sheikh Dawood while he was recording the grievances and ordeal of the patients.

“Dawood while alleging said Dr. Yasir Chalkoo who is recently appointed as Nodal officer at Covid wellness center snatched his phone while he was discharging his professional duties. People in hospital are facing grave problems as the center is misgoverned” he added.

Matter was brought into the notice of Principal GMC Baramulla Dr. Ruby Reshi but she didn’t pay any heed. He said

When contacted Principal GMC Baramulla Dr. Ruby Reshi, she said there is dearth of staff and we are managing things properly but some miscreants are blowing things out of proportion.