News Desk/The News Cradle: After many articles on the students who are suffering for not having privilege to attend online classes due to digital divide, a new video comes forward wherein the HOD of MVJ College, Bangalore has given clear instructions to his students for getting proper devices to attend examination. He instructs students to get laptop, use its camera for the online examination so as to keep a watch on each students.

In the video, the HOD pronounces his words as “beg, borrow or steal, whatever you want to do, you do” while telling students to get their laptops from anywhere possible for the exams to be starting next week.

A student from the university claims to have attented an exam already and says they are being tortured for re-exmainations. He says that the college has been torturing students since years thus providing space for suicide of students inside the campus. He, while showing a news of two year back suicide incident of a student mentions that the student was not provided with the examination Hall ticket for which he took such an action.

Students and parents are concerned for such problems to rise if not looked into earlier and may cause trauma to the many students who own less facilities due to lack of devices or proper internet.