News Desk/ The News Cradle: Responsibility of media for years has been to safeguard people by publishing the truth and disclosing all evil in the society. This responsibility may be concerning those affiliated with media but not to all. Many stories go unchecked and undisclosed while others are highly Exaggerated.

Same story came up where councillor of Baramulla had been looting people for many years taking money from them in return of future job which never was true. With the support of people and all those concerned the councillor, Aashiq Hussain has been suspended will further notice.

For this story to reach people and to eradicate evil from the society we had to take the responsibility alone while others were rarely interested in disseminating the story of the evil harming the mass, especially the underprivileged for those two long years.

The people of Baramalla were put into despair by the crookery of councillor to the underprivileged. Aashiq Hussain Ganai, the councillor for a long time now is accused of looting people in the name of jobs. A number of people wailing for money had bowed down before the wicked for which he deceived them and became the element for their grief.

The News Cradle took the responsibility of giving justice to people and thus proceeded to work without any aid. We started by taking bytes of those affected and published the story on our news portal The News Cradle.


Review of the bytes:

Shahzada, a poor woman from Uri, Baramula cries over the trick played by the crook wherein he asked her to get boys for the job of army. The happy woman gathered 5 boys, took Rs 50k from four (as per the demand of councillor) and placed the money in front of him. Assimilating the whole sum of money, he escaped and didn’t get into contact with her ever after. Shahzada is worried about the threats by her husband demanding her to leave home since all those boys are suing her for the lose of money.

“I went to him begging for the money but in return he quested for 12-13 year old girls. I requested him to grave me other than this brutal act”, sobs Shahzada.

Mohammed Anwar from Uri, Baramula was advised to pay Rs 1 Lakh to get job in Municipal Coorporation but betrayed. Afraid for complaining against Mr Ganae he requests for his money to be back and to justice be provide. Same happened in case of Abdul Hamid Qazi from Flood Colony, Noor Bagh and many other we haven’t reached yet.

Omar Azhar, president of MC Baramula said they have suspended the said councillor and promises to deprive the councillor of any illegal protection. Despite this, people are concerned and want justice against the roads of loot, fraud, cheating and crookery.

This story reached thousands of people who could now see the unhidden face of the councillor and save themselves from being crooked futher on.