Tanya Roy: On 29th may, Hacker group ‘Anonymous’ came back and shook the internet with their video which pledges to expose Minnepolis Police department’s heinous crime records to the world and issued the warning to the department for the intentional killing of George Floyd. The video features a masked hacktivist, reading out a message in an electronically distorted voice.

‘ This week’s brutal killing of George Floyd which has sparked protests and narional outrage, is just the tip of the iceberg in a long list of high profile cases of wrongful deaths at the hands of officers in your state’ the man said in a video shared by the group on Facebook.

During it’s formative years, the group was engaged in some of the biggest expososing activities and they hold a reputation of being the most famous decentralized hacktivist group widely known for its various cyber attacks against several goverments and their agencies, Church of Scientology, ISIS etc.

Various tweets were shared from the Anonymous twitter account that has about 4 million followers.

In addition to their message, the group also mentioned that police brutality and murder is a widespread problem in the United States and that it has undoubtedly infected nearly every jurisdiction in the country.

They also claimed to produce evidence againat Donald Trump, Jefferey Epistein, Princess Diana’s death, the Royal Family, Bill Gates, Naomi Campbell’s involvement and many more.